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Pagan Den Ma's Pages

Adventures of a Druid Mom in the Suburban Jungle

The Pagan Den Ma
10 May 1969
I'm a 41 year old wife and Mom of 3, WoW-crack-head, Renn Faire addict, Gamer Grrrl (mostly AD&D and online RP's), amateur herbalist and aromatherapist, medical transcriptionist extraordinaire, and word-count=crazed writer. I have two majorly patient and supportive hubbys who I adore, a 15 year old daughter with a brain the size of a planet, a 8 year old son who makes me laugh until I cry, a 4 year old son with a habit of climbing bookcases, four geriatric cats, one geriatric parakeet, and two young rats living in the basement. I also live in the neighborhood I grew up in, with my mother's and sister's houses only a few minutes' walk from my own, which could be great or awful, depending on your point of view. I cook and bake wicked birthday cakes, sew ritual gear for me and stuff for my house, knit for charity, do embroidery now and then, write ritual bits for my Druid Grove, write prose and poetry for the heck of it, and remodel/reorganize parts of my house. (But not all at the same time, or I'd bloody well drop dead!) I am a Renn Rat and Wench and proud McArgh from August to October every year. I'm the house Disciplinarian, the Corrector of Homework, and She who Organizes the Dreaded Calendar of the Seven Highlighters. I have a great circle of friends, am part of a regular AD&D group, a regular World of Darkness group and have succumbed to my daughter's Twilight series addiction, but got my revenge by getting her addicted to the House of Night series. When not happily and insanely busy, my life is taken up alternately trying not to volunteer for yet another worthy cause and attempting to make sure the yarn and books don't take over the entire house in a cooperative coup d'etat with the children's toys.